My name is Robert Schnüll *1992 and I am a Creative Technologist.
I graduated at the Udk in Berlin as a student of Prof. Joachim Sauter's "digitale Klasse" , with my master thesis "attributable technologies" in April 2021.
And got my bachelor degree in "Media Interaction Design" at the university of applied sciences Osnabrück back in 2017, mostly inspired and teached by Prof. Hannes Nehls.

Currently researching and teaching at the Berlin University of the Arts in the fields of decentralisation, autonomous digital communities, new media and the internet of things.

My work is mainly related to working interdisciplinary and collaborative where I covered the fields of coding, physical computing, construction, rapid prototyping and designing processes. During the last years I focused my work on the combination of analog interactions with digital content to create more intuitive and natural user experiences.

Since the beginning of my studies I started to work for different research projects at the university of applied sciences Osnabrück, where I worked on own small research projects and as well as got the responsibility for subareas of some projects. My research in Osnabrück was mostly related to HCI, especially in the last two years of this time I covered the areas of ambient communication and calm technologies.

Beside my working and research activities I worked often in the fields of creating public interactive installations as well as designing spatial experiences. Those are related to the previously described fields of work in combination with a background from media art.


  • Visual Communication — New Media (M.A.), University of Arts Berlin 2018-2021
  • Media Interaction Design (B.A.) , University of applied sciences Osnabrück 2013-2017
  • Computer science, University of applied sciences Osnabrück 2013
  • Abitur, Meerbusch 2003-2012

Work (selection)

  • Research Associate at the "medienhaus/" , UdK Berlin, 2021-now
  • Assistant Prof. at "new media class" with Prof. Ängeslevä and Assistant Prof. Luiz Zanotello, UdK Berlin, 2021-now
  • Research Associate at the "IoT" research project of Prof. Ängeslevä, UdK Berlin, 2021
  • founders business with Dirk Erdmann, the Attic, 2016-2021
  • Research Associate for "PACE" research project, HS Osnabrück, 2018
  • Research Assistant for „PACE“ research project, HS Osnabrück, 2016-2018
  • Curator and head of "Init", European Media Art Festival, 2015-2016
  • Research Assistant for DFS concept Desk, 2014-2015
  • founded business with Oliver Güra & Dirk Erdmann, 2014-2016
  • self employed, 2012-2014
  • 3D Animation & Visualisation, Krüger Kaldnes Norway, 2012-2013
  • Web- and 3D Design for Aquantis GmbH (holiday jobs), 2006-2010

Teaching/ Tutor/ Workshops

  • "new media class – island of things" with Prof. Ängeslevä and Assistant Prof. Zanotello, UdK Berlin, 2021
  • Supplementary course "network of autonomous communities", new media class, UdK Berlin 2021
  • Tutor "Internet of Things, Prof. Ängeslevä", UdK Berlin 2020-2021
  • Tutor "New Media Class, Prof. Sauter", UdK Berlin 2019-2021
  • Tutor "Mechatronics, Engelmann", UdK Berlin 2019-2021
  • Tutor "AIOT, Prof. Gasteier", UdK Berlin 2019
  • Workshop "Introduction into IoT", Peng GmbH, 2018
  • Tutor "Electronics for Designers, Prof. Nehls", Hochschule Osnabrück 2017
  • Workshop "Connecting the analog and digital world", DMY Berlin, 2016
  • Workshop "From Dawn till Dusk" Maker Faire Hannover, 2016
  • Tutor "3D Visualizsation, Prof. Lehr", Hochschule Osnabrück 2015
  • Tutor "preparation weeks", Hochschule Osnabrück 2014

Exhibitions (selection)