Robert Schnüll develops interactive systems and production processes towards a climate-neutral, socially just and digitally emancipated society.



His professional life is characterised by collaborations with private companies and public institutions that are willing to transform. As soon as he graduated from high school, he travelled to Norway to work with a sustainability company on new water treatment systems. This was followed by years of self-employment and founding an agency alongside his studies. In 2021, he helped acquiring one of the largest volumes of research funding to date for the UdK Berlin with Inküle to develop a new type of federated data network for public institutions with the "public money, public code" approach in the role of technical lead. This multi-year research and development work will culminate in several publications in 2024.


Robert's research and development work is centred on the following pillars: new digitally-enabled modes of interaction, social justice and climate neutrality. How can intuitive interactions work with a digitally pervasive environment? How can decentralised, federated data networks enable citizens to become independent of commercial platform economies? What can digital tools look like that enable designers to create fully recycled electronic devices? Questions like these have been answered in three patents and one project that has been honoured by the EU Commission. He participated in the following research projects:


Future generations of designers will design for completely new realities of life. Life realities that are digitally permeated, in which physical resources are scarce and production is highly automated. In his teaching at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and the New Media class at the Berlin University of the Arts, Robert prepared a new generation of designers for this change of life. He enables them to master digital technologies and to make self-determined and reflective design decisions. He also accompanied the development of functional prototypes in intensive one on one teaching of students at KISD, Ars Electronica and the Royal College of Art London.




(paused in 2023 to focus on research/teaching)


(paused after 2021 to focus on research/teaching)