Germany is a multicultural country. With more than ten million immigrants, foreign faces and clothes should be an ordinary thing for everybody. But the problem is, that this is not the case and immigrants often get alienated glances. 10HOCH7 approaches this problem and reverses the roles in this subliminal conversation.


Three advertising panels, arranged in a triangle, define a trackable area between them. The screens show three different models, disguised as normal and static advertising. One of the crossing pedestrians will be selected randomly. When a track is accomplished, all three models on the screens will awake and start to follow the person with their glimpses. As soon as the pedestrian notices their stares and returns the look, the two adult models will quickly turn their heads away. Only the child – free of prejudges and full of curiosity – will continue to look and smile at the tracked person.

The installation is supposed to create a unpleasant feeling for the tracked person, to simulate what thousands of people have to bear every day. The goal is to create empathy for these people and maybe even accomplish a well-considered behavior, when the pedestrian finds himself in the role of the gazer.
Each component of the installation consists of a Sick laserscanner to track the area, a Kinect 2.0 to capture the head movement of the participants, an Ultra HD screen to display the three different models and a PC to process the incomming data and update the image on the screen.