attributing technologies: foundations

Technical devices surround us everywhere. But the understanding between technology and humans in a coexistence is becoming more and more unbalanced. Both in software and hardware. Where technical devices once could have been understood, today the individual scope of action often ends with the replacement of a battery. An ever accelerating process of more and more products and less and less understanding reinforced by the prevailing resource consumption oriented surveillance capitalism. This course will teach the fundamentals of electrical engineering to potentially demystify technologies, classify devices, specify components, and contextualize relations. Focusing on transferring the theoretically gained knowledge into the individual creative practice, to be able to repair supposedly defective devices again or generally share awareness for a conscious handling of technologies.

Recycled Arduino Uno

usually in all design teaching when it comes to electronics it starts with an arduino. we went the other way round. Instead of using the arduino platform as an abstraction layer we tried to demystify it. We learned the individual component categories as well as in which devices it could be found. in the end the goal was to solder an self-made arduino uno clone based on as much as harvested components from electronic ewaste.