Following Functions

'Form follows function' is one of the most well-known design principles that every designer encounters in their basic studies. However, what does the descriptive functionality of a product encompass in today's context? Everyday analog products have long been infiltrated by the tiniest computer systems, leading to a significant increase in complexity. Whether for control purposes or to communicate entirely with the entire internet using network controllers, the underlying functionality of devices becomes less understandable despite perceived necessity. Behind these technological black boxes lies a simple principle: 'Control Engineering.' The interplay of sensors, actuators, input, and output, all as smaller building blocks of a holistic user experience, is managed by an operation-oriented orchestration of small computer systems, resulting in complexity.

Together, we will attempt to demystify this complexity and break down a control engineering system into its interconnected functional blocks. We will aim to understand, intervene creatively, reproduce, and later reconnect these blocks collaboratively. This will be demonstrated using one of the most commonplace products: the coffee machine.