Magnetic and Coders

The installation and live performance „magnetic and coders“ messes with the viewer‘s perception of space and creates an immersive experience through the synergy of sculpting soundscapes. Stacked cubes construct and deconstruct the room continuously with kinetic movement and are enhanced by a projection mapping.


The installation is splitted axisymmetric into two parts. Each part contains 4 rows with 7 cubes dimensioned 30x30 cm. Every column of cubes can be adjusted individually in the y-axis with a stepper motor which is attached to a control plate at the ceiling of the room.



If a row shall move to a user defined position it starts to move to the given position as well as confirming its current position to the control software. With this current positioning data the software is able to calculate the optical distortion. The software is calibrated to the absolute minimum and maximum y- axis mapping positions and interpolate these with the given data to the current mapping which is outputted to the projector.
So it is possible to move the kinetic installation as well as projection map visual content onto its surface while moving.


The installation is completed by an cinemascope visual mapping placed at the center of the stage. Organic seeming visuals interacting with the mapping content of the installation as well as with the live performed music.

All content even the music, the installation and every visual was created exclusively for this performance. The idea of this project was to create a synergy of all different parts of this performance. The installation is driven by the music as well as by the visuals. The other way round the music is manipulated by the current state of the installation. Each part of the performance affecting each other to unite auditive and visual content to a whole experience.