The project ~Monopoly is an activist approach based on the concept of acceleratism to deconstruct monopoly with their own created tools by using strategic legal vacuums against their registered brands. The process of questioning the right to exist of their brands is anonymised by a concept, which is bases on the transfer of the TOR network back into the analog world to save the activists against lawsuits.
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In the economy, companies register brands and patents which secures a monopolistic position in a capitalistic system. With this concept they are allowed with the tools of laws to ban smaller upcoming ideas and businesses to be part of the market or register brands next to their field. In many cases the smaller market participants would be right under the law but don't have the financial background to attend such long disputes.
A common used law tool for this is the "request for deletion" of the brand or design patent. In this case the the accused participant have to prove why their patent is not irrelevant. The full burden of proof as well as the costs are borne by the accused otherwise their brand will be deleted.

Bigger companies are widely using those to strength their monopolistic position. Even more they have to fight those law battles otherwise if they don't the risk of becoming a public-domain will increase even more.

But this tool which should strength the monopolistic position of bigger compony could be reused to destroy them or at least weaken them. The idea of this project is to use this tool of "request of deletion" against their registered brands and design patterns therefore they are forced to for fill a prove that the request is not valid. This create an interesting dilemma for them. Of course this request is not valid at all but they have to respond to the governmental patent office in Munich, which will creates costs for them. Otherwise they will lost their brand and their monopoly which suppresses the other participants will be weakened. (Fig. 1)

To save the activists from repression by the selected company the concept of the "tor network" is transferred back to the analog world. The application to the governmental patent office is covered by several envelopes with different sender and recipient. Every envelope contains the node "in case of incorrect delivery, forward to sender". As path to the destination, local stations of the selected company are used as nodes. The post office of the local company office will open the envelope and will see that it contains another envelope with the described note. Therefore they have to give this envelope back to the national postal service point where this envelope will get a new postmark of the current location and will move on. (Fig. 2)

Multiply this process(Fig. 1), automate it (Fig. 3) and the acceleration will start within itself.