Unlike with many actions that we take, sending a text message leaves behind no visible trace at the place from which it was sent.
What would it be like, therefore, if messages that you would like to look back on with fond memories could be subtly marked.

We developed a wearable device that uses modern technology to generate a natural heat feedback, giving the wearer a sense of human contact and security as soon as s/he reaches such a place.

There are two goals of this project. Fist of all we focused on creating a feedback to the user in a much more natual way. In our opinion this feedback is warmth. There isn’t any other feedback which people interpretated more positiv than a warm feeling basted on there basic instincts. The other goal is to make digital communication more tangible for the mind.
If you get a mobile textmessage via Facebook from someone, you dont know where this messeage was sent from. Remember te warm times combining the text and the postion of the conversation back together. It creates a passiv feedback everytime the user of the scare is passing by a location where some friend stand at the exact same location in the past and sent a nice message to the user.
Remeber the warm times was shown on several exhibitions including the Cebit 2016. This project was declared as one of the fair highlights at the press conference by the Cebit organizer.