Creating images and atmospheres, Serum establishes its own style of live experience. The connection between light, projection mapping and sound, creates an abstract expression of storytelling. Through permanent hands-on approach as well as the fascination for space and technology, Serum produces unique works of art.
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In the past years several light- and interactive installations were created and shown at around 15 in- and outdoor events. For almost every event new installations were created or the present installations got iterated or customised.
Two major light installations of the serum collective are shown in detail. One part of this live works is the light installation „Serum 414“.


Serum 414 serves as a central feature of the shows and creates a symbiosis between light and sound for the audience. The form of the object is based on the logo of Serum Music. It contains 414 addressable RGB LED’s which are controlled by an Arduino via a network protocol in the latest iteration. Those LEDs are placed on the frontside of the baseplate as well as on the inlines of the drop. Through the control of the individual LEDs, different modes can be used like strobe or/ and floating light. The Serum 414 installation reacts in auto-sync mode on the current sound output of the DJs. The installation contains different functions which can be controlled via an external MIDI input device or cofunction with the mappings of the visuals and other light installations.


The Serum Wall is an 9x1 m ambient led panel which interactions with the sound as well as the other installations and visuals projection mappings. The controllable Leds are diffused with a pond felt fabric which created a visual counterpart the Polystyrol of the Serum 414. The panel can also be controlled via a custom visual first based software with additional midi controllers.


Making of

All of this works are based on mostly „no budget“. Within this limitation available materials or cheap materials were researched to be misused to achieve the desired visual effects.

Care was taken to use as little as possible standardised event technology to create an unique experience.