simplicity of complexity

AI, NFT, Cloud, IoT. Our digitally naïve society stands in amazement before all the idols of digital technologies. Suddenly they were there,on the altar of our marketplaces and discourses and at the centre of our attention. But these technologies are based on simple basic principles and generalised building blocks that neither can do magic nor are magical. Mercantile techno-optimists tell us otherwise and transfigure simple technical functionalities into magical marvels. According to them, we can store our family photos in a vacuum, light bulbs and refrigerators form telepathic connections and the future of art is a long sequence of numbers. In this seminar, we will work our way through the buzzword potpourri word by word, scrutinise the technologies behind them and demystify them in artistic-creative experiments. Lectures, external subject-specific input, discussions and related texts will help us to approach, understand and classify the respective topics. We will take an artistic and creative stance on the dissonances that arise in the process. Each of the four topics - Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Non-fungible Tokens - will be dealt with in the context of a short etude. We can adapt the list of topics according to interest. Process and experiment are in the foreground. The medium to be used is open to the students.