medienhaus/spaces stands for a better form of collaboration for organizations like yours. Here you'll find a work environment that brings together everything you need - shareable with anyone and extensible by everyone.
in collaboration with: Florian Weber, Marcel Haupt, Andi Rueckel

Get back what matters to you.

Like everyone, do you use Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon AWS and Slack? That means important documents in scattered services on hermetically sealed platforms on servers on the other side of the world. medienhaus/spaces frees your documents from the lock-in effects as an intermediary between all applications. You know where your data is at all times and decide how and by whom this data is used.

A structure that suits your organization.

Every organization has a unique structure. Everything is coordinated so that it works well together. Why not in digital as well? medienhaus/spaces allocates your organization digitally. Departments, teams and members - all have the same opportunity to shape the digital version of your organization according to their needs.

Shares what you want others to have access to.

Collaboration, whether within or between organizations, used to require time-consuming moderation and management. medienhaus/spaces acts as a link here. Share documents or entire parts of your work environment with other teams, departments and organizations. Through interoperable and federated systems, unlimited networking is possible. This puts cooperation on a free footing.

Publish live, without extra effort.

No more outdated websites. No more unpublished projects. With medienhaus/spaces what you want to show is always visible, suitably prepared and up to date. You choose what to publish, medienhaus/spaces generates a suitable view. This is possible because data and interface are handled separately, but are connected via dynamic links.

Existing open source tools are linked in one place by medienhaus/spaces.

Thanks to our Docker Composition, you can configure a working environment in no time - customized to your organization.

……will be released in the first version in 2024…